Yahoo not setting conv in

Michael Luich mluich at
Mon Jan 26 17:20:23 EST 2009

Yahoo does not seem t be passing the conv handle when   "
purple_signal_connect (conv_handle, "conversation-created"," is
called. When I recieve a jabber message this passes the conversation
handle to the init_conversation plugin. With that information I can
add a gui indicator to the conversation window. When I receive a yahoo
message the conv is left unset and pidgin crash's the first time I try
to acess the conv data. If i put in a "if (!conv)" I can catch the
problem and keep pidgin from crashing but am unable to put my
indicator in the window. Is this expected? do I need to get this
information another way with yahoo?? I have not yet tested other
protocols, so I don't know if If i'm usung a jabber only thing or if
it's only yahoo.

static gboolean
plugin_load (PurplePlugin * plugin)
purple_signal_connect (conv_handle, "conversation-created",
			 plugin, PURPLE_CALLBACK (init_conversation), NULL);

static void
init_conversation (PurpleConversation * conv)
  purple_debug_info (PLUGIN_ID_SHORT, "ENTER: %s in %s, line %d.\n",
		     __FUNCTION__, __FILE__, __LINE__);
  if (!conv){
    purple_debug_info (PLUGIN_ID_SHORT, "Conversation not set!\n");

Michael Luich
mluich at

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