BUG: New mail notification

sanket agarwal snktagarwal at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 12:57:39 EST 2009

Well here's a bug that isint that annoying but certainly is a bug:

The new mail dialog that pops up whenever a new mail is received or a new
account has been connected to fails under this condition!

Suppose u log out and log in continuously the mail go on adding. So u have
mails adding up when there's no need! Ok i found the relevent code too:

gtknotify.c: line 505-506

account = purple_connection_get_account(gc);
    dialog = pidgin_get_mail_dialog();  /* This creates mail_dialog if
necessary */

    *mail_dialog->total_count += count;*
    if (detailed) {
        while (count--) {
            char *to_text = NULL;
            char *from_text = NULL;
            char *subject_text = NULL;
            char *tmp;

I suppose when we log out of an account, there's no removal of relevant
mails from the dialog. And here too, we dont really care if the mails are
already added... or some measure of that sort and thats what is triggering
the bug.

I am ready to take it up.... but i need views over how it can be solved.
There isint a very appropriate mail_dialog API and thats why i've reported
it to get some views!!
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