libpurple: get list of ALL buddies of a user

Cristian Mircioiu crimir at
Tue Jul 7 11:47:24 EDT 2009

We have an application where we want to let our users retrieve their full
buddy list ( online + offline) from the different networks (yahoo, gmail,
hotmail, etc).

The user will enter their user/pass for each network and our app will
connect the users to those networks with libpurple.

Two questions:

1. is is possible to retrieve the full list of this user's buddies ? if so,
what function should I use ?

2. is it possible to not bring the user online but still be able to get the
full buddy list ?

We want to use only libpurple for the above and not any custom scripts for
each network...

Thank you,

I play - your network of enemies
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