libpurple / find active conversations

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Wed Jul 8 16:00:24 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 06:40:34PM +0200, Cedric Roche wrote:
> Well, because I don't understand one thing about the library. I took the nullclient example and add some stuff. In fact I even didn't understand why there is a PurpleAccount in the PurpleBuddy structure. What I was thinking at first is that the PurpleAccount was only the account with which we want to connect with. Why do we need this account if we have the PurpleBuddy ?
> Sry I'm  having a difficult time, and libpurple is lacking a real documentation.

The PurpleBuddy documentation[1] indicates that the PurpleAccount in the
PurpleBuddy struct is "the account this buddy belongs to". It exists so
you can get from a PurpleBuddy to the right PurpleAccount. (Why do we not
have a purple_find_conversation(PurpleConversationType, const PurpleBuddy)
I'm not sure other than that one hasn't been added.)

What, specifically, about the API documentation[2] do you find lacking or
hard to understand? What, again specifically, would you have liked to see
to help get you started? Are you willing to write up the sort of beginners
documentation you would have liked to see?




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