nullclient problems with MSVC

Daniel Atallah daniel.atallah at
Thu Jul 9 11:39:31 EDT 2009

2009/7/8 Филипп Кучеев <kphilip at>:
> i ,I have some problems with nullclient on  MSVC .
> I built pidgin with CygWin like instructions on
> When I created  a MSVC app and  included nullclient.c and defines.h
> After that I built libpurple.lib  by lib.exe and files libpurple.dll and libpurple.def
> And included to linker .
> There are some errors after compilation .
>  1) signal(SIGCHLD, SIG_IGN)   error C2065: 'SIGCHLD' : undeclared identifier
>    I replaced for signal(SIGINT,SIG_IGN),but i dont know is it right
>        How to solve this?SIGCHLD is not defined for Win
>  2) I replaced function getpass() by it is not critical

nullclient is known not to work out of the box on Windows - it is just
an example, not something that you'd really use.

> Then app was run but some protocols was not available like xmpp and icq. After debuging i found xmpp.dll
> and icq .dll unloading immediately after loading. Why??

What does the debug output say?

> After signing nullclient app stop and do nothing
> What do you think  about this ??

I think that you haven't overridden the giochannel implementation -
the same as this thread:


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