Trac account e-mail verification

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Mar 1 12:56:12 EST 2009

In ticket #36, Warren Togami reported that trac allows users to create accounts
without specifying an e-mail address and without verifying the specified
address.  Daniel later updated the account manager plugin to require an e-mail
address when registering, however it still did not require verification of that
e-mail address.

Now that we've updated to trac 0.11.x, the new account manager plugin supports
e-mail address verification for new and existing accounts.  Richard and I
expressed on the ticket that we would like to see this enabled, and Daniel
suggested it be mentioned here before changing it.

Therefore, I propose to enable e-mail address verification on trac accounts.
Any thoughts/objections from developers/CPW's?  (Yes, I'm explicitly saying I
don't care what users' opinions are on this issue.)


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