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Thank you for the consideration to participate the GSoc this year, It is
really cool.  I am interesting in the Windows native GUI development.

I am Xiaohui,Liu, a second year graduate student in Zhejiang,University, in
China. I consider myself a good C programmer. I have strong experienced in
developing the GUI program in the windows platform for about 3 years. In the
last summer, I was accepted to be an Intern in NSN( Nokia Siemens Networking
co.Ltd. Hangzhou). During the time of internship,  I did a very well job and
I learned a lot of experience of how to program and testing .I am also, I
thought , a good and quicker learner for new technology.  I am focused on
the project of pidgin  for some  time. I started to reading the source code
of libpurple, and to learning how to participate this community.

I am really interesting in this program, I will do preparation for it .

On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 3:58 PM, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:

> Hey, we want to participate in Google Summer of Code again this year,
> right?  Unless I hear lots of people say no, I'll plan on filling out
> the mentor organization form for us on March 9th (unless someone else
> particularly wants to be the admin?).  And we should be putting
> potential ideas up at
> Also, if you're listed as a developer or a crazy patch writer in our
> About window, please consider being a mentor!  It's not too hard, you
> basically guide someone new to the world of open source.  Show them
> how to check out our source code, advise them on making small atomic
> commits, suggest improvements in coding style, help them interact with
> the rest of us, answer their questions, etc.  If it sounds scary
> because you're a programmer and you don't want to have to interact
> with people, don't worry!  Everyone else here programs and we're all
> crappy at interacting with people.
> Assuming we're accepted to the program this year, I'll send out
> another email later and ask interested mentors to contact me.
> -Mark
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