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Thu Mar 12 20:05:22 EDT 2009


This is the fourth try. Again, the way it was created is completely
different. Derek Scherger from the monotone project has been
developing an official export tool for git and I've been helping on
that. It finally got recently merged to the master branch and will be
released on monotone 0.43.

With this tool I'm now able to clone the entire repo in 1 hour.

Special thanks to Paul Aurich who helped update the author mapping[1].

If you haven't yet checked the list of top contributors you can check
that from ohloh which is using this pidgin-clone repo as a listing:

You can find it in the usual place:

== The given enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow argument ==

I can't pass this chance to mention that while trying to optimize mtn
git_export I found an issue that eventually lead Derek to find out a
similar one with mtn log. So now the time mtn log takes in a Pidgin
repo has been decreased from 46 min to 19 seconds [2]. Expect this
also on 0.43.

This enforces my original argument that git is good because many
people use it and develop it (look how much a single eyeball helped
for mtn).

As an example you can see this optimization work by René Scharfe in git:

New projects using git (that I can recall)[3]:
 * OpenEmbedded (migrated from monotone)
 * Perl
 * GStreamer
 * Farsight
 * Vala


Felipe Contreras

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