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Varunesh Mishra varunesh at
Thu Mar 19 13:57:09 EDT 2009

Hello Sir

I have two ideas

Idea 1

I am proposing an idea of making an application for pidgin, suppose we
want to discuss some image (graph ,circuit diagram or diagram in biology)
and want to show some changes intantaneously very much similar like web
collab in which many users can simultaneously see the changes on a file.
This can be very useful for students who discuss some diagram and want to
point some special regions, for organization workers who want to discuss
some graphs, for doctors who can discuss about some scan image
simulataneously and so on.

Idea 2

My second idea is that currently only two user can simultanouly talk to
each other ,instead that three people can mutually talk to each other and
they can also private messages to each which will be inivisible from the
third one. I want to mention this is not like a chat room. For example
there are three users A, B and C and they want to talk to each other, then
A must be having 2 windows open - one for B and one for C and similary B
will have 2 windows open - one for A and one for C and similarly for C.
Now any message from A will simultaneously go to B as well as to C. If A
want to send some private message to B but not to C then must be able to
do it.

This will be very useful for teams working on same project.

If any of the mentor is interested in my idea, I will be very thankful to
him and I will provide the complete rough sketch of my idea and how I am
going to implement and how much time will it take for me and so on.


Varunesh Mishra
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur - India

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