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Etan Reisner pidgin at
Fri Mar 20 22:58:18 EDT 2009

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 11:27:09PM +0530, Varunesh Mishra wrote:
> Hello Sir
> I have two ideas
> Idea 1
> I am proposing an idea of making an application for pidgin, suppose we
> want to discuss some image (graph ,circuit diagram or diagram in biology)
> and want to show some changes intantaneously very much similar like web
> collab in which many users can simultaneously see the changes on a file.
> This can be very useful for students who discuss some diagram and want to
> point some special regions, for organization workers who want to discuss
> some graphs, for doctors who can discuss about some scan image
> simulataneously and so on.

As I just mentioned in another email pidgin already supports limited
whiteboarding for the Yahoo! and SILC protocols. I don't know if either of
them supports importing of images into the whiteboards or not though.

> Idea 2
> My second idea is that currently only two user can simultanouly talk to
> each other ,instead that three people can mutually talk to each other and
> they can also private messages to each which will be inivisible from the
> third one. I want to mention this is not like a chat room. For example
> there are three users A, B and C and they want to talk to each other, then
> A must be having 2 windows open - one for B and one for C and similary B
> will have 2 windows open - one for A and one for C and similarly for C.
> Now any message from A will simultaneously go to B as well as to C. If A
> want to send some private message to B but not to C then must be able to
> do it.
> This will be very useful for teams working on same project.

How is this not a chatroom with the ability to send private messages
external to the room? Is the difference here a UI one? That is you get a
single window which serves as the public chat window and the private
windows at the same time?

> If any of the mentor is interested in my idea, I will be very thankful to
> him and I will provide the complete rough sketch of my idea and how I am
> going to implement and how much time will it take for me and so on.
> Thanks
> Varunesh Mishra
> Computer Science and Engineering Department
> Indian Institute of Technology
> Kanpur - India


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