I have 2 ideas

Yubo Chow yubochow at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 01:00:27 EDT 2009



I have two ideas, but no idea which one to be chosen.


The first one is building a plugin to translate message to be sent or
received or both from one language to another. This idea is sample but
useful. I got this idea when I was communicating with foreign friends. Soon
I started to work on it, and got a demo by now. And I will make it as
ease-to-use as possible. 


The second one comes from the ideas post one the web. A Protocol Plugin
Which Sends SMS Message via Your Cell Phone. I like this idea the first time
my eyes on it. Well, the same time, I want pidgin not only can send via cell
phone, but alse can manage it. Other protocol plugin can manage their
accounts too. I have phonenumber book, calendar, alarm clock and stuff. If a
plugin can do them all, I'd like to use it.




Well, after all, I want to be chosen in GSOC, which in any case is my
primary aim. What I don't know is how mentors evaluate the candidate. 


I know the idea should have decent value for the open source project and the
candidate should be competent. I can ensure the second one, but could some
mentor tell me which idea will win out if you are the rater?




Best Regards!


Yubo Chow



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