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Robson Mendonça robsonmwoc at
Thu Mar 26 07:40:14 EDT 2009

I think the first question is which technology is used in Pidgin website. I
take a taste of the site, and I saw that some parts is used the Trac (, but I wish to know if whole site was made on

With this I can make a sketch and show it to you, and if you or anyone in
charge of the evaluations, agree with the proposal, I can finish it and
submit to gsoc.

Is this good for you?


Robson Mendonça
CTO at LEC/UFRGS (Cognitive Studies Lab)
LEC - Laboratório de Estudos Cognitivos - UFRGS
Centro de Excelência Sun para Desenvolvimento de Soluções de TI para
Fundação Pensamento Digital -
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