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Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Mar 26 14:08:06 EDT 2009

We only use trac for  The rest of the site
is hand written in php.  The website is stored in our Monotone
repository alongside the source code for libpurple/Pidgin/Finch.
There is information about using Monotone at  The website is in
the branch im.pidgin.www

You would probably want to set up a local web server on a computer
that you have access to and use that for testing any changes that you


2009/3/26 Robson Mendonça <robsonmwoc at>:
> I think the first question is which technology is used in Pidgin website. I
> take a taste of the site, and I saw that some parts is used the Trac
> (, but I wish to know if whole site was made on
> trac.
> With this I can make a sketch and show it to you, and if you or anyone in
> charge of the evaluations, agree with the proposal, I can finish it and
> submit to gsoc.
> Is this good for you?
> Regards.
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> Robson Mendonça
> CTO at LEC/UFRGS (Cognitive Studies Lab)
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