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Mon Feb 22 13:58:41 EST 2010

On 2/22/10 11:52 AM, ashish shubham wrote:
> Hi,
> I wish to apply for summer of code 2010. I wanted some advice regarding
> probable project ideas.
> 1. I have 2 Gtalk accounts, I use pidgin as my primary chat client on
> linux as well as windows, but most of my friends use official Gtalk
> clients on windows, so the problem is I cannot transfer files to them
> using the pidgin client, neither cant they send me files. Same is the
> case with voice calls, neither cant i make them nor cant they.

Google is supposed to be updating their client to support the voice chat
protocol defined in XEP-0166 / XEP-0167 at So anything you do
here will be a short-term effort.

> I was wondering if a proper file transfer and voice functionality
> implementation for Gtalk in pidgin using the xmpp library, would make a
> good summer project.

Google does use a special file transfer protocol (involving HTTP over
pseudo-TCP over UDP, yes it's scary). It might be good to work on
documentation of that (if the Talk engineers think they will keep using
that) and implement that in Pidgin or other clients.

> 2. Given we have a proper file transfer interface working with pidgin
> for Gtalk, I was thinking of a small file share of each user, like he
> could share a folder to his gtalk buddies. Also neone can right click
> and browse their buddies' file lists, information regarding files can be
> transmitted as chat messages which the client will understand. might be of interest.

> users can copy files from their buddies' shared files using the built in
> file transfer facility. they can listen to the music shared by their
> friends using the built in voice facility. 

Watch out for the RIAA. ;-)

> the browser can be like a reduced nautilus window.
> Kindly provide your valuable feedback on the above mentioned ideas,
> moreover please give your suggestions regarding what can make a good
> summer project with pidgin.

Provided, but please know that I am not on the Pidgin team, just an
interested observer. :)


Peter Saint-Andre

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