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Thu Jun 3 14:04:15 EDT 2010

Amr Shahin spake unto us the following wisdom:
> i'm not exactly familiar with GTK, but i was sure it won't be exactly
> perfect, that can be fixed along with the bidi support process.
> and yes i agree there is no industry standard for rtl display, specifically
> for mixed dir text indentation and similar concerns
> that said, the rest of your concerns shouldn't be problematic. i'm a native
> arabic speaker, direction detection libraries are available , other problems
> could be tackled when they show up
> if you're into this you can send me a couple of documents to read to
> determine the parts i should start coding

Probably the best way to get started is for you to define a few
behaviors that you're aware of that are incorrect, and we can help you
find where they come from.

If you're looking for a general place to start, pidgin/gtkimhtml.c is
probably going to contain the bulk of the code that needs to be more
bidi-aware.  However, it's an enormous file (almost 6k lines)
containing a lot of subtly interdependent code.  It, however, along
with GtkTextView, handles the bidi display for both the conversation
text and the input box in conversations.


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