Time to Leave Monotone Behind?

Paul Aurich paul at darkrain42.org
Mon Jan 17 23:35:01 EST 2011

And John Bailey spoke on 01/15/2011 10:32 AM, saying:
> Hi, all,
> For almost four years now, we've been using Monotone as our source
> repository.  Over that time, it's proven itself to work very well for
> us, I think.  However, there have always been some annoyances with it.

> As for my specific desire to use Mercurial, here are a few things we
> gain (git may offer some or all of these as well, but I'm not
> particularly fond of git, as we all know):

<snip reasons/>

> What do you guys say?

I'm fine with anything (staying as is, or moving to Mercurial or git), with
a preference for moving to a new system (and a slight preference toward
Mercurial, based on the reasons outlined as well as using it recently
hacking at Prosody and a few of its dependencies)

That, and enough Hg<>Git conversion projects exist that contributors who
would rather use Git should have an easier time of it (I could probably be
convinced into setting up a cron job to automate an hg fast-export | git
fast-import repo)

> John


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