Mercurial vs Git

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Thu Jan 20 12:33:04 EST 2011

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 10:21 AM, Felipe Contreras
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> On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 5:13 AM, Eoin Coffey <ecoffey at> wrote:
>> I took the liberty of illustrating this on github.  Mostly for my
>> benefit, since your conclusion seemed wrong, but I couldn't be sure
>> until I walked through it :-P
>> In short: Yes they will see your history, but not necessarily your branch.
>> I followed your example and it lives at :
> Thanks for this example, it has been very useful :)

Awesome :-)

>> I used the --no-ff option to specify that git should do a 'fast
>> forward' merge.  This makes sure a individual merge commit is
>> generated to match the example you were describing.
> It's the other way around; --no-ff specifies that git should _not_ do
> a fast-forward merge. But in fact, in this particular case it's not
> needed to specify that, because a fast-forward merge cannot be made
> unless the base of the branch to be merged is the same as the tip of
> the branch to merge to (you can ff merge to A1, but not A3). In order
> to do a fast-forward merge you would need to rebase rlaager-foo to
> master first (A3); then the branch base of rlaager-foo would be A3.

In my mind I was saying 'should not', guess the 'not' didn't make it
to the keyboard :-P

I included that in the merge command, and called it out here because I
wanted to be very explicit and make sure I was generating the history
Richard had described.

> Cheers.
> --
> Felipe Contreras

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