Agreement with ICQ

Ivan Komarov ivan.komarov at
Sat May 21 10:05:54 EDT 2011

> Agreed. I don't think _any_ of these limitations can be imposed on
> Pidgin/libpurple.

Good point. I expressed our concerns to them (for the record, by
"them" I mean Andrey Krylov, ICQ Marketing Manager in Russia: They agree these
limitations are impossible to impose on an open-source product, but
this is the standard agreement which can't be changed. On the other
hand, Andrey said the agreement is a pure formality and they don't
really care about whether we satisfy these provisions or not. He
confirmed we don't have to change *any* code in libpurple/Pidgin, all
we have to do is sign the agreement.

I admit it sounds weird, but, as far as I understand, the worst that
can happen after we sign it is that ICQ orders us to remove the ICQ
support from libpurple (which they can do in any case). IANAL, though,
and I think we really should talk to our lawyers (if we have any, that
is :)) before we do anything.

Иван Комаров (Ivan Komarov)

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