Keyring support for 3.0.0 (GSoc 2008 branch)

Darryl Pogue dvpdiner2 at
Mon Sep 19 02:32:04 EDT 2011

Out of interest, and with the goal of doing something useful, I got the
GSoC 2008 masterpassword/keyring branch building with im.pidgin.pidgin.
The branch was on hold until 3.0.0, which means now is a good time to
look at it for possible merging.

The current status of the branch:
  - Adds functions to account to asynchronously retrieve a password
  - Adds a plugin type for keyrings
  - Includes an "internal keyring" plugin to emulate current behaviour
  - Includes a keyring plugin for storing passwords in gnome-keyring
  - Adds a keyring pref pane to Finch and Pidgin

All of that works as advertised.

There's also code for a KWallet keyring plugin, but that isn't compiled
with the Makefile and I'm not sure what the state of it is. It would be
cool to get that working for KDE users, and possibly get some Adium folk
to add a keyring plugin for OSX's Keychain.

I'm not sure who is best to review this code, or what the best way of
getting it to people is. My guess is that rlaager (the GSoC project
mentor) or darkrain42 (made a handful of propagations to the branch) are
probably the people who know the most about it for reviewing.

I'm not very familiar with monotone, but if there's somewhere I can push
the code for people to test, please let me know.

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