Keyring support for 3.0.0 (GSoc 2008 branch)

Jorge Villaseñor salinasv at
Mon Sep 19 21:30:28 EDT 2011

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 1:32 AM, Darryl Pogue <dvpdiner2 at> wrote:
> Out of interest, and with the goal of doing something useful, I got the
> GSoC 2008 masterpassword/keyring branch building with im.pidgin.pidgin.
> The branch was on hold until 3.0.0, which means now is a good time to
> look at it for possible merging.
> The current status of the branch:
>  - Adds functions to account to asynchronously retrieve a password
>  - Adds a plugin type for keyrings
>  - Includes an "internal keyring" plugin to emulate current behaviour
>  - Includes a keyring plugin for storing passwords in gnome-keyring
>  - Adds a keyring pref pane to Finch and Pidgin
> All of that works as advertised.

Nice! I think this will make a lot of people happier!


> I'm not sure who is best to review this code, or what the best way of
> getting it to people is. My guess is that rlaager (the GSoC project
> mentor) or darkrain42 (made a handful of propagations to the branch) are
> probably the people who know the most about it for reviewing.
> I'm not very familiar with monotone, but if there's somewhere I can push
> the code for people to test, please let me know.

Does this patches must be applied over i.p.p or over the soc branch?

Either way I think the best way to get some review is to apply them to
soc branch (or a new branch if they are against i.p.p) and start
bothering relevant people.


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