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> "libpurple detachable sessions" is listed on the current project
> ideas page, but was a GSoC project in 2010 [2]. The suggested "remote
> mode" could probably make a substantial project, though I'm not
> confident I have the necessary networking knowledge. It looks like
> there's also work to be done to bring the existing progress to a
> usable state.

Hello Corey,

I’m the student who worked on the detachable sessions project int 2010.
As you noticed it’s not really usable yet. Actually, the
im.pidgin.soc.2010.detachablepurple branch should be be working, but
it’s incomplete. Following developments have been made in the
im.pidgin.cpw.gillux.detachablepurple branch, which is currently quite
broken. It’s in the middle of the dbus-glib to libgdbus transition, but
I expect it to reach an as-good-as-it-was-with-dbus-glib state soon.
Well, let’s say this will be ready before the beginning of this year’s
GSOC. :-)

I encourage you to continue my work. I think you shouldn’t be worrying
about networking stuff because it’s mostly abstracted by D-Bus. More
precisely libgbus, which by the way handle TCP transport and custom
authentication schemes :-) (unlike dbus-glib). I think that most of the
work you can except in such a project consists of designing a
client-server logic that works good and requires the lesser GUI changes.

Also, you should be aware that what has been implemented so far highly
rely on the gobjectification stuff. Parts of libpurple that have been
gobjectified can be nicely "remotified", while the rest can not, at the
moment. Maybe a great thing would be to have both gobjectification and
detachable session as a GSoC project this year.

		— gillux
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