Idea about emoticon cache

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Mar 25 03:54:23 EDT 2012

On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 12:43 AM, zhang kai <kylerzhang11 at> wrote:
> Yes, MSN allows for custom emoticons, you can choose an image as emoticon
> and set a sequence of characters for it. When you send the custom emoticon
> in Microsoft's client you can also see the image in the dialog. But neither
> the Microsoft's client nor Pidgin could receive the custom emoticon image,
> you can just see the sequence of characters. I tested with Pidgin, Win7
> Live Messenger and even Win8 MSN.

Hmm, that sounds weird.  So you're saying that Microsoft's client
allows you to insert a custom emoticon into an IM and send it, but it
isn't displayed for the other person?  I would expect that to work.
Maybe it's turned off my default?  Or maybe the two people must be on
each other's buddy lists?

> When I saw the idea on Pidgin Summer of Code 2012 projects page, I thought
> Pidgin already supported the custom emoticons, just needed a cache system to
> store them.

Hmm, I think Pidgin does allow users to send and receive custom
emoticons for MSN.  If you click on the "insert emoticon" button in
the IM window there is a "Manage custom smileys" link.  This allows me
to insert an image of my choosing and send it to the other person.  I
didn't test whether the image actually shows up for the other person
just now... but it's supposed to.

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