GSoC success criteria

Michael Zangl pidgin_m at
Mon Apr 15 16:02:01 EDT 2013


Am 15.04.2013 21:09, schrieb Jorge Villaseñor:
> I will start proposing to have the code working and merged in one of our
> main branches, preferably in main.

I probably won't be able to do that (Android porting), and I have to 
admit that I did not merge the few things I could back into main (some 
minor g_return_if_fail, ... fixes). So making this a target for GSoC 
students is a really important thing.

I would prefer that Students are encouraged to set those targets for 
themselves and that every application should contain a section about how 
it will be merged into the project. For e.g. the plugins website, a 
running website on the might be a good target.

This also encourages students to think about what happens to their work 
when GSoC ends, so they might plan some extra time tweaking their stuff 
and merging everything.


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