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Nathan Loewen loewen.nathan at
Wed Apr 17 12:15:00 EDT 2013

Thanks for the responses.
Looking at the backend code, is what is required for this an implementation
of the existing PurpleLogLogger interface backed by a single SQLite
database? Or do the proposed changes to the frontend require this interface
to be reworked a bit. It looks to me like the frontend is handling reading
the logs and search. Does it make sense to move these functions to
libpurple to make better use of SQLite?

Nathan Loewen.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 11:11 AM, Nathan Loewen <loewen.nathan at>wrote:

> I'm considering applying as a GSOC student to work on the chat log idea
> mentioned on your idea page. I noticed that there was a student working on
> this during the 2010 GSOC. I was wondering what issues he ran into that
> prevented the work from being completed? Did any code come out of that work
> that could be used as a starting point?
> Thanks,
> Nathan Loewen.
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