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Beata Wójciak beatka.wojciak at
Fri Apr 19 11:55:33 EDT 2013

I am studying Computer Science on University of Wrocław (Poland). I'm
finishing my 3rd year now and I'd like to participate in GSoC. I have
experience in several languages but my favorite ones are C/C++ and Python
(I also know them best), I'm familiar with SQLite and MySQL and I did some
network programming as well (mostly using Twisted or C sockets - one of my
university project was to write a network protocol).

I'm interested in improving current Pidgin chat log. One of the key parts
would be changing the way the logs are stored. I thought of keeping
conversations in SQLite database.
Right now the logs are easy to find and read by anyone and that's why I
thought of encrypting them one way or another.

The project would cover all the backend features mentioned in Ideas Page
(perhaps including remote log storage - this is where log encryption would
be useful).

I'd like to work on the frontend too. This would include improving the way
the logs are displayed as well as implementing search option (which absence
is rather inconvenient).

I will be happy to hear your opinions and suggestions :)
Beata Wójciak
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