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> Hi,
> I am studying Computer Science on University of Wrocław (Poland). I'm
> finishing my 3rd year now and I'd like to participate in GSoC. I have
> experience in several languages but my favorite ones are C/C++ and Python
> (I also know them best), I'm familiar with SQLite and MySQL and I did some
> network programming as well (mostly using Twisted or C sockets - one of my
> university project was to write a network protocol).
> I'm interested in improving current Pidgin chat log. One of the key parts
> would be changing the way the logs are stored. I thought of keeping
> conversations in SQLite database.
> Right now the logs are easy to find and read by anyone and that's why I
> thought of encrypting them one way or another.

I would vote against encrypting the logs. They can be read not by anyone
but by your user and everyone you give access too (via file permissions).

I also like to be able to grep over the logs, I  don't know if we can get
 the logging functionallity without loosing the grep option. I would prefer
it that way.

> The project would cover all the backend features mentioned in Ideas Page
> (perhaps including remote log storage - this is where log encryption would
> be useful).
> I'd like to work on the frontend too. This would include improving the way
> the logs are displayed as well as implementing search option (which absence
> is rather inconvenient).
> I will be happy to hear your opinions and suggestions :)
>  Beata Wójciak

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