GSoC 2013 - log storage backend with log viewer and remote storage

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Fri Apr 19 15:32:24 EDT 2013

Hi all! :)

First of all: hello to all Pidgin developers! My name is Agnieszka Tabaka
and I'm willing to apply to 2013 GSoC, coding for Pidgin. I'm using Pidgin
for years and very appreciate your hard work.

I'm interested in writing new Pidgin log storage backend along with modern
log viewer and possibly, remote log storage (allowing to synchronize and
browse logs on different machines) as SoC project.

I have some questions regarding that idea:
- I'm thinking on log viewer as separate application (binary), but
accessible from Pidgin UI. Is it acceptable? In my opion it's desirable, as
log viewer can be used without Pidgin, eg. for offline browsing log
- What about writing log viewer in C++ & GTKmm? It will speed up
development and give more elegant and readable code than doing it in pure C.
- Is it OK to make dependency on SQLite?
- Remote log storage: that concept should introduce some server-side logic,
a web service which at least accepts logs uploaded by Pidgin and gives it
back when synchronizing on other machine (or on the same, after eg. OS
reinstall). Should that server-side implementation (or at least proof of
concept) be in scope of SoC proposal?

Best Regards,
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