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> Hi all! :)
> First of all: hello to all Pidgin developers! My name is Agnieszka Tabaka
> and I'm willing to apply to 2013 GSoC, coding for Pidgin. I'm using Pidgin
> for years and very appreciate your hard work.
> I'm interested in writing new Pidgin log storage backend along with modern
> log viewer and possibly, remote log storage (allowing to synchronize and
> browse logs on different machines) as SoC project.
> I have some questions regarding that idea:
> - I'm thinking on log viewer as separate application (binary), but
> accessible from Pidgin UI. Is it acceptable? In my opion it's desirable, as
> log viewer can be used without Pidgin, eg. for offline browsing log
> database.

I haven't read about this one in any of the other emails. This is a *MUST*
I don't want to open pidgin or any libpurple client to read my logs. Really
I would love to keep being able to grep them but it is up to the

In this case, you can write a small log-access library and use it for the

>  - What about writing log viewer in C++ & GTKmm? It will speed up
> development and give more elegant and readable code than doing it in pure C.
> - Is it OK to make dependency on SQLite?
> - Remote log storage: that concept should introduce some server-side
> logic, a web service which at least accepts logs uploaded by Pidgin and
> gives it back when synchronizing on other machine (or on the same, after
> eg. OS reinstall). Should that server-side implementation (or at least
> proof of concept) be in scope of SoC proposal?
> Best Regards,
> Agnieszka
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