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On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 12:58 PM, Ashish Gupta <ashmew2 at> wrote:

> Hello, I am Ashish , Second Year Undergraduate in Information Technology.
> I've been using pidgin for a long while now ,started as a replacement for
> Yahoo Messenger because there was no "real" messenger for Linux at that
> time (still isnt). And i would love to contribute to Pidgin.
> 1) File Transfers are a pain at times.
> I'm talking about the scenario where the Send File button is greyed out.
> Instead of it being greyed out, one of the following could be implemented .
> * Open up a temporary FTP/SFTP server on the senders end with the browsed
> file automatically added to this user's "sendable space". You can choose to
> discard this whole sendable space immediately after the file transfer or
> preserve it for sending it to other users at a later time. This can help in
> sending directories as well. Can be achieved using something like a
> stripped down version of something like vsftpd. Login/Password for access
> can be generated on the fly.
> This could fix a generalized problem of sending files.
> * Push files to a cloud service such as Ubuntu One.
> The advantage of the FTP approach is that your files stay with you and the
> concerned receiver, no copies are made anywhere else.

I don't know if I understood correctly but libpurple tries to behave JUST
as the official client (when there is no open standard specification) and
be 100% compatible with other clients. That is, if we send a file to a
non-libpurple based client, they should just work. Doing file transfers for
any protocol in a different way than the spec or the official clients do,
is a no-no.

> 2) Buddy Search
> As mentioned on the Future Scope page, the buddy search should cut down on
> the search results instead of shifting to the best match, irrespective of
> expanded/unexpanded groups. Searching by alias is supported, while by email
> is not supported. It should merge both the results using a weighted
> algorithm based on matches, not just at the beginning but the string being
> present anywhere in the whole name/email ID/alias.
> This could be made into a plugin but imo , it needs to be integrated by
> default.
> I have C/C++ experience of a couple of years. And also some experience
> regarding Gtk/Qt.
> Can both of these features be good enough for a GSOC '13 Project for
> Pidgin ?
> Awaiting feedback on the same.
> Thanks,
> Ashish


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