Any projects for newbies..please help..

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> Hi,
>        i am naveen. i am newbie in this field of development. I have
> studied C programming and would really love to help. I was wandering around
> to know if there were any projects in C where newbies like me could help. I
> know that everyone out there is working hard on projects in a more
> professional way. I too want to be a full time developer and hacker like
> most of you. I mean that is my ambition. I don't know how to start
> development even though i have googled about it and learned about the
> mailing lists, bug reports, trackers, repositories and stuff. I love to
> work in an environment like open software as everything is available
> without any copyright issues. I request you to write to me regarding
> projects for beginners and how to enter in this world kind off information.
> I would sincerely do anything to survive here. I hope you guys understand
> me.

Hi Naveen.

We don't have particular projects that we can assign to you or anyone. The
best way to get into the open source is downloading the code and compile
it, find a bug that bothers you try to fix it and send a patch. Then repeat
adding "look on the bug tracker for bugs" in the loop. =P

You can always join #pidgin to ask questions or send them here and you will
get answers.



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