Status of buddy tooltips?

Ethan Blanton elb at
Fri Jul 19 11:29:50 EDT 2013

Bjoern Voigt spake unto us the following wisdom:
> with Pidgin 3.0.0devel I have the problem, that buddy tooltips
> often stay visible forever on the screen. I did not find out,
> which buddy tooltips timeout normally and which buddy tooltips
> stay forever. My work: Minimize the buddy list and open buddy list
> again. I have to do this several times everyday.

3.0.0devel is a development-only version known to have numerous bugs
and issues.  Bug reports for 3.0.0devel should be accompanied with a
patch.  It is far from ready for general consumption.  We will be
making prereleases, announcing a general testing period, or some
similar action when it gets closer to practical release.

> There are some bug reports about the missing option to disable
> buddy tooltips:

The solution to buggy tooltip display is not disabling tooltips, it's
fixing the bug.


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