Google Talk File Transfers

Ashish Gupta ashmew2 at
Thu Jun 20 00:47:29 EDT 2013

Thanks for sharing your experience with Jingle, it'll come in handy as I
work on it :)

> There is the standards based Jingle way of doing things which Pidgin
> Then there is how GTalk actually implements its own Jingle session

I looked at XEP - 0176 and the Call Signaling as you mentioned. Also going
through XEPs 0166,0167 and 0177 as these are listed under Reference on . And I am pretty sure
that going through the libjingle code (available on Google Code) should be
useful too in making Pidgin able to transfer files to Google Talk.

Do correct me if I'm proceeding in the wrong direction.

It would be great if someone who has experience with working on Google Talk
File Tansfers could share their experience or previous work on which I
could build on. Otherwise, i'll have to start working from scratch.


- Ashish
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