new client plans and libpurple

Zoltán Sólyom z-ismeretlen at
Thu Mar 28 09:37:11 EDT 2013

I made a mistake yesterday and sent the message from a different 
address. This is the one I used for signing up to the mailing list...

> I'm unsure if this will help you or not, but Instantbird [1] is a 
> libpurple client with a native look & feel on each operation system 
> (it doesn't use the Windows API directly, it uses the Mozilla 
> toolkit).  Additionally, we've been compiling libpurple( + 
> protocols)/glib/libxml2 into a single dll using MSVC 2010 and have 
> some hacks to get this to work (we usually upstream our patches to 
> libpurple, but glib/libxml2 can be a bit difficult to compile on 
> Windows, IIRC).
> --Patrick

I have seen Instantbird and it's reassuring that libpurple can be 
compiled. I'm in the process of figuring out what can be added to the 
main dll and what must be compiled separately by reading the mingw 
makefile. I downloaded the *win32 archives for libxml as instructed on 
the page for building Pidgin for Windows. There was no problem linking 
the libxml lib to the dll, but I can't be sure that everything works 
until I can make a simple program running libpurple. Maybe I'm too naive 
to assume that if a lib can be linked it was compiled in a way that can 
be used out of the box?

Compiling the protocols and plugins is next so there are still many 
obstacles but I'm positive something will come out of it.

Just one question, should I not post things here like this and instead 
answer everyone only on their personal address? I see that there is not 
much traffic on the devel mailing list and I'm not used to mailing lists 
so I might not even know the basic manners around here.

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