/pidgin/main: 79ccaf2efd0b: Remove newline plugin, it's also han...

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Sun Feb 2 15:26:03 EST 2014

Tomasz Wasilczyk spake unto us the following wisdom:
> >I believe it is indeed perfectly suitable for other clients, and works
> >fine in finch.
> Maybe it could be a Finch plugin? Other clients than Finch (Adium?)
> doesn't use it. For clients like Pidgin or Adium, it may not work as
> expected, especially when using custom themes.

The point is, you don't know what clients might want to use it.  It
happens to not do what you want in Pidgin, that's fine.

> >I don't understand this logic.  If it's tiny and easy to maintain,
> >there's no particular reason to throw it out.
> It makes plugin list cluttered and hard to navigate, especially for
> the new users. I don't feel like the plugin for (example) changing
> the margin of buddy list is useful enough to present it in the first
> place for every user that installs Pidgin.

This is a valid concern, and something that should be discussed.  Note
also that plugins can be included but not installed by default, and
that packagers can choose which plugins to bundle in the main package
and which plugins to bundle separately.  Keep in mind, however, that
most of those plugins are there because *someone wanted them*, that
someone was typically a developer, and their preferences outweigh, in
general, some hypothetical user who might be confused or overwhelmed.


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