Re-namespacing Pidgin's API for Introspection

Elliott Sales de Andrade qulogic at
Sun Feb 9 16:31:09 EST 2014

On 9 February 2014 16:27, Elliott Sales de Andrade <qulogic at>wrote:

> >> gtkwebview.h:
>> >> gtkwebviewtoolbar.h:
>> >
>> > I think I looked into changing the namespace for GtkWebView and/or
>> > GtkWhiteboard, and might still have the code somewhere, so give me a
>> chance
>> > to look for it.
>> Ankit: Or if it's faster for you to redo the renaming, don't feel
>> obligated to wait for Elliott :-)
> I just found the change for GtkWebView. It needs a rebase, but I should be
> able to push it out today.

Or it looks like I won't need to. :P

BTW, it looks like you may have forgotten to change the GTK_TYPE_* macros.

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