Status of main branch, and debugging on Windows

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean_seb at
Wed Feb 12 19:46:13 EST 2014

Hello Tomasz, thanks for your quick and complete reply!

> I haven't built win32 version recently, so it may be broken. You may 
> send patch (and these "small modifications" you mentioned) here, or 
> directly to me, if you wish. We have a CI system [1] deployed just a 
> week ago, but we don't test win32 here, as cross-compilation doesn't 
> work for default branch. Making it possible is on my TODO list.

I've created a ticket as Mark suggested:
(note I am not married to any of these changes, feel free to discuss or 
explain if there's any better way of doing something)

If the way to go forward is cross-compilation in your opinion, then my 
suggestion still stands - make that as simple as possible to get started 
(cross-compilation from Linux is a good idea, someone can download a 
Linux LiveCD and run it from a VM, but then from there make it really 
easy to get started hacking the code without too many manual steps).

> All these smiley-related issues are already known (for me, at least) 
> and also are present on my TODO list. Except the MSN 
> pidgin-vs-official client difference you mentioned before. You may 
> investigate it on 2.x.y branch, if you wish (as I said, 3.0.0 have 
> almost broken smileys).

OK great, I'll try and install the deps for 2.x and go from there.

> Thanks :). In fact, this script is thought as a step toward making 
> full cross compilation working. I'm not sure, if we leave a 
> possibility to build directly on win32, when it will be possible.

If it makes things simpler, keep a single build system / setup script / 
path. If cross-compilation makes things easier for you, just make clear 
instructions for how someone on Windows might install a VM with Linux 
and cross-compile from there. Then remove the option of building with 
Cygwin or MSYS. It will be simpler in the long run for you and for 
potential contributors.

> Debugging on Windows is broken at the moment, due to ASLR usage. I'm 
> afraid, the only debugging method is "printf" at the moment.

Is this the case for the 2.x branch too?

Thanks again!


Jean-Sebastien Guay              jean_seb at

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