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Steve Pierce pierces at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 14:06:23 EDT 2015

I am interested in the dbus API and noticed that they now support Windows.
It looked like there was some discussion several years ago, have there been
any recent developments?

It looks like recent versions of dbus deprecated some of the lowlevel glib
stuff, moving to a new api GDBus.  Is there any active work on updating
this?  I also saw some open tickets about improving the DBus API.  Not sure
if this would be a good time to look at that?

I took a stab at building from source this weekend (great instructions and
resources, by the way), but the current build instructions are out of date
re: gplugin.  I am not too experienced with CMake and can't figure out how
to point it at packages (namely glib), so I can't generate the gplugin
headers.  Are there preconfigured packages for this like the rest of the
windows libs (the zips in https://developer.pidgin.im/static/win32/)?

I was able to build 2.10.11, but had a lot of problems trying to
Configure() the project (so I could enable dbus support and see what was
broken).  Are there instructions for how to be successful at reconfiguring
the windows build?  Just modifying the header got me close, but dbus has
some python generation scripts that look easiest to call from inside
configure.  And guessing at autoconf/configure/etc just sent me down a
rabbits hole of errors.

Also, has anyone used this plugin?
https://code.google.com/p/pidgin-dbus/downloads/list  I can't find any
documentation of it or if it even works.
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