GSoC is over

Michael McConville mmcconville at
Sun Sep 13 22:53:34 EDT 2015

Jorge VillaseƱor wrote:
> Ok, this is my summary of what I have heard from people.
> Ready to be merged:
> * Facebook prpl: It looks like this prpl is being used on the wild now
> and it is working ok.
> * XMPP prpl improvements: This looks like can be merged.
> * Maintenance: Some of this changes are ready, some of them were proof
> of concept and need to be rewritten.
> I think, it is safe to review and merge both, xmpp improvements and
> the facebook plugin first.

What about Google Hangouts?

Many of my changes are already merged. The most significant remaining
ones are the randomness API and the version requirement bumps.

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