GSoC is over

James Geboski jgeboski at
Mon Sep 14 10:35:19 EDT 2015

> Facebook prpl: It looks like this prpl is being used on the wild now and it is working ok.

Yes.  It seems rather stable at this point.

> Eion, do you think you can merge the changes form your students?

I spoke to Eion briefly about merging this, and offered any assistance
required.  He stated he was busy with personal matters for the time
being, and that someone else was free to take on the task.  If someone
else would like to do the merging, let me know, as I am willing to
help with any issues that might arise.  It should merge rather
cleanly, though.

Also, is there any branch I can put patches in once this is merged?  I
will gladly keep this and the back-ported purple2 plugin maintained.


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