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Tomasz Wasilczyk twasilczyk at pidgin.im
Thu Apr 7 16:07:34 EDT 2016

I think the project should be split, but I'm afraid of doing that before
3.0.0 release. With such a big change, there is a risk that project will be
stuck in intermediate state (where not everything is working as expected).

I already did that for win32 build (my bad, I still feel sorry for not
having time to finish it), where "almost" everything works.

Also: we might consider an option, where all the sources are kept within a
single repository, but every subproject has its own buildsystem and
packaging (I mean its own configure.ac and set of Makefiles).


2016-04-07 20:39 GMT+01:00 Gary Kramlich <grim at reaperworld.com>:

> On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 2:33 PM, Michael McConville <mmcco at mykolab.com>
> wrote:
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>> To be fair, Docker definitely falls into the "complex dark magic that I
>> don't want to learn" category.  :-)  I'm not an active developer,
>> though, so I'll leave the decision to other people. However, for what
>> it's worth, I've found the issues Patrick mentions to be very real in
>> other projects. The costs of the added complexity are delayed and are
>> borne more by outsiders trying to contribute.
> The Docker part is really just so we can utilize our build agents.  In the
> past, one build agent being down stopped all builds.  With Docker, all
> build agents can build all jobs, so as long as there's one build agent, the
> builds will continue; albeit slowly.
> As far as a casual contributor goes, I think of it this way.  Say I need
> to patch gedit for something, the fact that I need to install libgtk-3-dev
> to build it doesn't seem difficult to me.  That's how we can and should be
> setup.  Remember libpurple has an ABI and API guaranty.  Someone patching
> just something in pidgin doesn't/shouldn't have to care about what version
> of libpurple is installed; just that it works with the version of pidgin
> they're trying to compile.  Like wise, for patching libpurple you need to
> have a compatible version of glib and other dependencies.
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