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> I suspect FreeRDP would also facilitate cross platform implementation more
>> easily than different VNC implementations for *nix/win32.
> I think so. In our project we only targeted X11 on Linux, but AFAIK the
> FreeRDP maintainer we hired for the job also made it to work on Windows -
> "just for fun :-) ". And perhaps even on Mac OS X. I'll look into that.
> We rely on FreeRDP master at the moment, and are waiting for the release
> of FreeRDP 2.0 that will carry everything. There are nightly builds based
> on git master being stabilized.
FWIW I have lots of trouble with FreeRDP on a regular basis - crashing.
I'm not saying that it never works or that it won't reach stability but it
hasn't for me and I am so annoyed with it that I've just given up.  I
followed head for many months and it never improved.


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