State of Pidgin: Attracting and Maintaining New Contributors

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Mar 19 09:53:21 EDT 2018

David Woodhouse wrote:
> With git-cinnabar I *think* I have this working without having to fork
> a new repo for every outstanding PR.
> is a duplicate of
> #317 to fix ticket #17292, just so I had a 'dummy' set of commits to
> put in one branch
> is an attempt to
> fix ticket #17295. Unlike previous attempts with git-remote-hg, it
> looks like I'm able to have more than one PR outstanding without them
> stomping on each other.
> If you can confirm that it's all OK, I'll finish writing up what I did.

These look properly formed and organized to me.  Gary?

> I have multiple heads in my 'release-2.x.y' branch but I don't seem to
> be able to *name* them, which means I don't think I can update the PR
> if changes are requested? There's a '...' on the right-hand side of
> which looks like it's
> supposed to bring up some kind of menu, which *might* have let me name
> the heads I have in release-2.x.y... but actually does nothing in
> either Firefox or Chrome.

I've never created a bookmark or branch from the BitBucket side, only
from the local Mercurial side.  However, with stock Mercurial you can
easily push a specified revision to a specified remote branch, and I
know you can do that in git, too, so I'd be quite surprised if
git-cinnabar can't handle it somehow.  (The mercurial command is the
expected 'hg push -r <revision> destbranch', if that is helpful.)

This *should* update the pull request automatically on the BitBucket
side, as I understand things now.  (This hasn't always been the case.)


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