pidgin 3 and webkit ?

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Wonder if or how far off loosing webkit in pidgin 3 is?
I would like to take P3 for a spin but the old webkit dep gets in my way.

Yeah.. Sorry it's taken way longer than anticipated.  We're implementing a widget similar to that which was in Pidgin 2 but cleaned up and so on.  That is named talkatu and can be found at<>.  We still need to finish the chat history widget, but we have like 7 more webkit webviews to remove from Pidgin 3 before that becomes a necessity.


    Pidgin 2 really needs a release. Please consider time based releases so people
    get to enjoy the new stuff as they happen.

I know, but there's not a ton there at the moment and the release process is rather tedious at the moment.  That said, I've been waiting to hear back if we can integrate Pango from msys2 for the Windows build as the version we're currently using has issues and no one has reported back on that yet.


Gary Kramlich <grim at<mailto:grim at>>

I don't like nagging like this but it has been more that a year now since last release ...

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