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Gary Kramlich grim at
Wed Sep 2 18:34:53 EDT 2020

On 9/2/20 7:36 AM, dequis wrote:> Yeah I figured this out a while after
sending the email.
> I got a copy of the import tool, a backup of our trac, and set up an
> instance of youtrack on docker locally, then started running it.
> It needed a few tweaks to actually work, but it reaches the end of the
> process, now I just need to manually review the results.
> Main change is that we use sqlite instead of postgres, so I can just
> send you the whole thing as a tarball later.

I assume this was just pulling the driver in?  I can't remember how I
set that code up, I wrote it a long time ago.

> Worth noting that the latest version of youtrack, 2020.3.6638, fails
> with some java exception when importing the first issue. Something
> about a non-null field being null, not mentioning which field, and
> "jetbrains.youtrack.gaprest.db.util.HelpersKt.fromXdEntity". I forgot
> to copy the error message.
> 2020.2.10643 (same as your instance) works fine.

Damn I was afraid of this, I'll get that figured out here soon.

>> Here's the caveats though... This does not do anything at all with the
>> trac wiki.  Recently youtrack added a "knowledgebase" but I haven't yet
>> looked at it.
> That's fine. We don't use trac's wiki and we're okay with our other
> wiki (moinmoin, it's not pretty but has no spam problems and I don't
> hate it)


>> Also, I'm sure you trac has acquired a lot of spam and defunct accounts.
>>  The Pidgin trac has something like 20,000 accounts, we're obviously not
>> importing all of them, which is why it's only currently active Pidgin
>> developers, and if anyone else wants me to migrate them explicitly.
>> That said, the accounts are all managed by
>> which we prefer users use oauth to create their accounts but can link
>> all of them together.  This way it's single sign-on and there's 2fa,
>> password resetting etc.
> Yeah that's the other main difference. We have no account
> registration, it's anonymous only. That's the reason the captchas were
> such a problem for us. I'm okay with losing that feature.
> Because we're primarily anonymous, I'd still like to modify the
> importer to add authorship information to ghosts, something like a
> line that says "(migrated from trac, original author: dx)". I think
> pidgin's tracker could benefit from that too.

I've been trying to avoid adding people's usernames and stuff most due
to GDPR and well transferring people's accounts across sites without
their explicit permission seems kind of scummy to me.

>>> Wilmer also gave me the OK and is similarly happy about the idea.
>> Cool, so hit me up somewhere and we can work on the finer points.  I'll
>> go ahead an get a bitlbee group setup in hub, but let me know who should
>> be part of the team and what kind of access they should have.
> For starters just dx and wilmer as whatever the equivalent of project admins is.

Okay, but I need you two to create these accounts at

> I'll assemble the users.json later based on trac activity.


>> I'm assuming you don't need code hosting?  However we do also have a
>> prosody server running for pidgin developers and imfreedom members and
>> we can add a vhost for bitlebee there as well.  Lots of this needs to be
>> documented, but time has been in short supply lately.
> Nah we're fine, we're using github for code but wilmer doesn't let me
> enable the github issue tracker so here we are. Something along the
> lines of having ethical principles probably.

Heh gotcha, well luckily, you're users can oauth with github for issues
through hub :-D

> Also no need for XMPP, we're irc people.

Fair point!

>> Thanks,
> Thanks to you for putting the work on this and the migration tool!
> BTW, what's our equivalent of pull requests these days?

We're using reviewboard (written by former Pidgin developer chipx86) and
it's hosted at  The documentation is a
work in progress as my initial instructions that I put together we're
too much of a happy path.


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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