offline / online color not changing

Evan Platt evan at
Thu Nov 29 19:10:28 EST 2007

Searched the archives, and ... well.. Maybe it's been asked, I just 
can't seem to find the wording maybe?

Using pidgin 2.3.0 on XP, say I keep a IM window open with someone. 
They log off. Now, when I alt-tab and come past the pidgin IM window, 
their icon is 'greyed'. And even if I go to that window, the icon is greyed.

Now if they log back on, that icon is still greyed, during a alt-tab 
or even in that window.

I need to either close and reopen that IM window, or I can double 
click on another person on my list so their IM window is up (even if 
I don't type anything), close that window out, then the original 
persons icon is back to being in color.

Does this make sense? Any fix?

Thanks. :)

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