Pidgin: Show offline contacts in a single group .....

Evan Platt evan at
Wed Aug 13 13:03:32 EDT 2008

I guess you could go Buddies,  show, Offline Buddies, then  Buddies, 
Sort Buddies, By Status... .Closest thing I could come up with.

Christian Patrascu wrote:
> Dear Pidgin - Support,
> I have a questions as I could not find a certain feature.
> The Messangers at Oracle we had before - had a really awsome feature: 
> You could have your offline contacts shown in an extra list below all 
> the other groups - a group which actually was called "Offline 
> contacts". It had the benefit of showing all offline contact in a 
> group at the bottom of all Buddy Lists and furthermore if you want to 
> add a contact you could check first your offline group at the bottom 
> and see if the request was still pending or the person was just 
> offline in that moment.
> This was really a great feature - therefore: how can I configure 
> Pidgin to show a group at the end that gives me all my offline contacts ?

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