notifications of unread messages not persistent if restart

pidgin-maillist at pidgin-maillist at
Wed Aug 13 15:54:54 EDT 2008

I use ubuntu hardy heron.
version 2.4.3 of pidgin is in the repositories right now.

If pidgin recieves a message from a buddy the notification area show an 
icon with a tooltip that explain that the user has an unread message.
If one would exit pidgin and start it again the notification is lost, the 
only way Ive found to actually find the message is to check the logs 
directory in ~/.purple and read the logfile, or after the buddy that sent 
the message is found you could open the buddy in pidgin and read the 

An improvement with restart persistent notifications would be nice.

maybe there is a plugin for this?
has this been reported in trac before?


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