2 XMPP accounts (servers) with same account credentials

Daniel Atallah daniel.atallah at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 17:19:06 EDT 2008

2008/8/14 n0bert0 <n0bert0 at aim.com>:
> What I forgot to mention: pidgin version on XP is 2.3.1, that on debian is
> 2.4.3 - and:
> it does really work on XP...

Ahh... this is the reason, the version it "works" on is old (although
I thought we fixed this before 2.3.1).

It doesn't *really* work in the older version - it'll seem to work,
but then you run into weird problems because we can't distinguish the

> (I am able to fake it on debian by using a different name on creation and
> modify it later before use- it works - but this ends when I close pidgin:
> one of the 2 accounts is dropped then)

It is a bug that you can do this.  I'll look into fixing it.

> The accounts are handled by an SSO (single sign on) server and need to be
> same therefor.
> connect server #2 will be shut im 3 months. #1 will replace it then totally.
> I need to connect to both connect servers in parallel until this will
> happen.
> Curiously the lines in the accounts.xml on XP read:
>                 <name>n0bert0 at aim.com/IM</name>
> and
>                 <name>n0bert0 at aim.com/beehive</name>
> which looks rather unique to me, even unique enough to XP (and older version
> 2.3.1).
> Debian's version seems to ignore the "resource" part. What is is good for
> then if it is ignored?

It is a bug that we don't consider "resource" for the xmpp account
primary key.  There's a ticket for it already.

It never was part of the key, as I mentioned earlier, we just didn't
previously prevent you from breaking stuff by creating what look like
duplicate accounts to libpurple.

> BTW: I do not see the need to be unique with the account name in pidgin
> without counting the server I connect to?!? It forces me to change my
> identity - what for?

It turns out that we already addressed what you're running into:


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