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2008/8/17 Bertrand P. S. Russell <betrussell23 at>

> Hi pidgin users,
> I am running CentOS-4.4(base) in my IBM ThinkPad. I installed pidgin, and I
> could able to type message on my chat window. The problem is I am not
> receiving anything from my friends. I could see the prompt that, "<someone>
> typing", but not his message afterwards. This is really making me mad.
> But, with gaim, everything is working without any problem. From, this what
> I am concluding is, something is wrong with my settings are with my pidgin.
> I installed pidgin by yum. I guess, the package should not contain any bug.
> Could anyone shed some light on this issue, to solve my problem.
> My configurations settings, I followed from the configuring pidigin for
> GTalk form GTalk support page.
> Thank you in advance for your kind suggestions.
> Russell
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Update libxml2. Ummm,  `sudo yum update libxml2` but I have never used
CentOS, so it may be slightly different. See tickets #3266 [1], #3532 [2].
Kingsly says he has a mirror of libxml2 for CentOs in comment 16 of #3266,
if it's of any value to you.


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