Several XMPP accounts (certificate problem)

Daniel Castro castromd at
Mon Aug 25 17:00:40 EDT 2008


I just signed to this mailing list and hope it's the right place for my 
I just installed Pidgin 2.5 on my Ubuntu 8.04.1 and it work very well.

I do have a small weird problem.

I have two XMPP accounts configured. One and the other one which is my college email server. They use google.
After I installed 2.5 and logged in the first time it asked me to accept 
certificates, 3 for my man account and then one for
The was asked twice actually, I suppose one per each 
XMPP account.
The problem is that each time I open Pidgin it will ask me to accept the certificate again.

Basically what I think it's happening is that it can't handle two 
certificates with the same name for different accounts.

Is this only me? Any ideas?

Thank you!


Daniel Castro
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Computer Science
Trinity College Dublin

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